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Career Pathways and Advancements for Today’s Dental Lab Technicians

Dental technician checks his work in the lab

Dental lab technicians stand at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly growing dental industry, fueled by technological breakthroughs and improved materials. These professionals play an essential role, working precisely behind the scenes to craft dental prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, dentures, and orthodontic devices. Their work is not just about making these items; it’s […]

What Is A Dentistry CAD/CAM Milling Machine

wet milling cad cam system

Bright smiles make the day perfect. Unfortunately, everyone does not have a perfect set of teeth. This is where a dental milling machine comes into the scenario. With the introduction of CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing), the dental landscape has undergone a revolutionary change offering more accurate, more efficient, same-day dental restorations. It combines science, technology, and aesthetics, […]

Milling Machine Types: Wet, Dry, And Wet & Dry Two-In-One

cad cam dental lab milling supplies

Digital dentistry is the call of the hour. It has ushered a new era with glorious achievements and can produce high-quality dental restorations. A CAD/CAM dental milling machine is the most vital element of digital dentistry advancements. It lets dental practices create a wide variety of dental restorations from different materials like glass ceramic, titanium, PMMA, Peek, […]

Orthodontic Dental Laboratory

Orthodontic Dental Laboratory

There have been multiple advances in dental treatments and materials. But, significant advances have also been happening in dental laboratories and manufacturing facilities. From using modern machines to lab material and techniques, the primary focus has been on improving the accuracy of dental lab products. If you are wondering what dental labs fabricate, you are […]

What Is The Difference Between Zirconia And Lithium Disilicate?

Dental Laboratorio dental cad cam blocks

When compared to ancient times, today the modern times use ceramic restorations more in the dentist industry. Because the main advantage of the ceramic restoration is that it will match our original teeth and also the strength of the material will be high. Nowadays, people are more concerned about dental health, so they need more […]