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Orthodontic Dental Laboratory

Orthodontic Dental Laboratory

There have been multiple advances in dental treatments and materials. But, significant advances have also been happening in dental laboratories and manufacturing facilities. From using modern machines to lab material and techniques, the primary focus has been on improving the accuracy of dental lab products. If you are wondering what dental labs fabricate, you are […]

What Is The Difference Between Zirconia And Lithium Disilicate?

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When compared to ancient times, today the modern times use ceramic restorations more in the dentist industry. Because the main advantage of the ceramic restoration is that it will match our original teeth and also the strength of the material will be high. Nowadays, people are more concerned about dental health, so they need more […]

Lithium Disilicate in Dentistry


Introduction Lithium disilicate in dentistry is commonly known as glass ceramics used for tooth fillings. These glass-ceramics are aesthetic dental materials that are composed of SiO2-Al203-P2O5-ZRO2-K2O-Li2O glass systems. To form the glass-ceramic these glass systems are channeled via a solid-state reaction route. Lithium disilicate in dentistry is used to restore damaged teeth or teeth. The […]

Innovative Solution on Sirona Inlab Cerec Dental CAD-CAM

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Summary: Digital technology is playing a major part in today’s world, and even it has entered the dental industry where Sirona Inlab Cerec Dental CAD-CAM is becoming more popular. Introduction: Sirona Inlab Cerec Dental CAD-CAM is the process of creating a ceramic restoration, and more than 6.5 million people who are suffering from dental problems […]

Complete Guide of Dental Zirconia Block

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Introduction: In many dental procedures, zirconia has been used, as it helps in providing superior solutions. Zirconia is used in various forms, such as zirconia-based dental posts, Zirconia-based crown and bridge, and Dental Zirconia blocks. Dental Zirconia block has increasingly become the choice for many dentists, as it provides the most technologically advanced metal-free restorations. […]