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Summary: Digital technology is playing a major part in today’s world, and even it has entered the dental industry where Sirona Inlab Cerec Dental CAD-CAM is becoming more popular. Introduction: Sirona Inlab Cerec Dental CAD-CAM is the process of creating a ceramic restoration, and more than 6.5 million people who are suffering from dental problems […]

Complete Guide of Dental Zirconia Block 2021

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Introduction: In many dental procedures, zirconia has been used, as it helps in providing superior solutions. Zirconia is used in various forms, such as zirconia-based dental posts, Zirconia-based crown and bridge, and Dental Zirconia blocks. Dental Zirconia block has increasingly become the choice for many dentists, as it provides the most technologically advanced metal-free restorations. […]

Is Selecting A Dental Lab Milling Supplies A Difficult Task?

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Introduction: The purchasing of dental lab milling supplies is the most important and also a confusing task. The main reason for the confusion is, you will get a lot of options starting from dry or wet milling to the high-tech laboratory mills. So, selecting dental lab milling supplies is not only a crucial part, but […]

Ceramic Dental Crowns- Types, Cost And Pros & Cons

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Missing, misaligned, gapped or stained teeth can often be a source of embarrassment, as well as spoil a person’s facial appearance and wreak havoc on her/his quality of life. Ceramic dental crowns can fix embarrassing affliction of tooth structure and literally return your smile aesthetics. Ceramic Dental Crowns Cosmetically, ceramic dental crowns are natural-colored metal […]

What is the process of dental lab cad cam for full ceramic

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Dental CAD/CAM technology It refers to computer-aided design and production technology, which is currently the mainstream processing method for all-ceramic restoration materials. Dental lab CAD/CAM technology completes the complete restoration by the following process: The typical representative is Cerec system (Sirona Dental System GmbH, Bensheim, Germany),which has now developed to three generations of products. The […]