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Ceramic Dental Crowns- Types, Cost And Pros & Cons

cad cam dental zirconia crown

Missing, misaligned, gapped or stained teeth can often be a source of embarrassment, as well as spoil a person’s facial appearance and wreak havoc on her/his quality of life. Ceramic dental crowns can fix embarrassing affliction of tooth structure and literally return your smile aesthetics. Ceramic Dental Crowns Cosmetically, ceramic dental crowns are natural-colored metal […]

What is the process of dental lab cad cam for full ceramic

dental lab cad cam work office

Dental CAD/CAM technology It refers to computer-aided design and production technology, which is currently the mainstream processing method for all-ceramic restoration materials. Dental lab CAD/CAM technology completes the complete restoration by the following process: The typical representative is Cerec system (Sirona Dental System GmbH, Bensheim, Germany),which has now developed to three generations of products. The […]

What exactly is zirconia veneer teeth cosmetic?

cosmetic zirconia veneer teeth

Cosmetic veneer teeth “All-ceramic zirconia veneer restoration” refers to a method of fixing a thin cad cam zirconia dental material on the outer surface of the patient’s teeth without grinding or grinding as little as possible,so as to improve the appearance and color of the teeth.Used in the field of front teeth beauty. All-ceramic zirconia […]

multi layer dental zirconia product

6 layer multi layer dental zirconia effect

How many layers do you dental lab supplies store offer the dental zirconia product The above muli layer dental zirconia specification is 5 layers. What we offer is 6 layers.The zirconia strengh,translucency and shade layers are transit naturally,it fits the human body perfectly. The main feature of multilayer dental zirconia transition: 1,shade transtion in 6 […]