Orthodontic Dental Laboratory

There have been multiple advances in dental treatments and materials. But, significant advances have also been happening in dental laboratories and manufacturing facilities. From using modern machines to lab material and techniques, the primary focus has been on improving the accuracy of dental lab products. If you are wondering what dental labs fabricate, you are not alone! Remember those beautiful smiles fixed with laminates, Composite Veneers, crowns, bridges? Well, while your dentist does their job in the clinic, the labs prepare these appliances in the labs. Once ready, these prostheses are fixed on your teeth to give you a beautiful smile.

Apart from routine prostheses mentioned above, dental laboratories also manufacture orthodontic appliances like space maintainers, habit-breaking appliances, functional appliances, study models, and clear aligners. Since orthodontic appliances also require accuracy and precision like most other dental prostheses, orthodontic labs today use sophisticated materials and techniques.

Let’s delve deeper into what an orthodontic dental laboratory is and a bit of a sneak peek into the state-of-the-art laboratory where 32 Watts manufactures their clear aligners.

What Does An Orthodontic Dental Laboratory Do?

While most dental laboratories fabricate a wide range of dental restorations and appliances, some specialize in preparing orthodontic appliances, retainers, splints, etc., that are used primarily in orthodontic treatments. Today, orthodontic labs have experienced teams that are skilled and well-trained in fabricating high-quality products. To enable the production of superior quality products, orthodontic labs also invest a significant amount of money on devices and machines that enable the lab in different steps of fabrication.

The most common appliances fabricated in an orthodontic laboratory include:

  • Myofunctional appliances
  • Tongue-thrusting habit-breaking appliance
  • Thumb-thrusting habit-breaking appliance
  • Mouthguards
  • Surgical guides
  • Lingual braces
  • Retainers
  • Clear aligners
  • Active appliances
  • Expanders
  • Space maintainers
  • Orthopaedic appliances

While most of these appliances and devices have been around for a few decades, clear aligners are recent. Also, clear aligners require utmost precision and accuracy to ensure teeth move into their planned positions and stay there.

For those who are unaware, clear aligners are transparent trays that are made from medical-grade plastic orthodontic retainer sheets and slip over upper and lower teeth to move them into positions. When worn on the teeth, clear aligners are completely transparent and barely visible. For this reason, they are also called invisible braces. These orthodontic retainer sheets are manufactured invisible braces to treat mild to moderate orthodontic cases in a short period of time.

32 Watts Aligners and their Modern Lab

Talking of aligners, we have to mention India’s top clear aligner brand– 32 Watts. 32 Watts aligners’ parent company Renderwise is based in the country’s capital Delhi and has been in the aligner business for three years. Of the many reasons that make 32 Watts aligners the top aligner company in India, their state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facility play a vital role.

After the first appointment where your teeth measurements are taken for clear aligner fabrication, these measurements are sent to the company’s lab in Delhi. The measurements are usually taken using a 3D dental lab scanner or high-precision impression materials. Once the lab receives the impressions, the panel of orthodontists uses advanced software to devise your treatment plan and create a simulation to explain the entire treatment process to you.

Once the treatment plan is approved, the lab gets a green signal to begin the fabrication of your aligners. At 32 Watts, each set of aligners is prepared from medical-grade Zendura sheets, a global standard in aligner fabrication. The company uses specially imported German machines that use CAD-CAM technology for aligner fabrication so that each aligner is accurate and extremely precise to ensure successful treatment.

With the recent funding that the company received, 32 Watts has now expanded the capacity of its clear aligner orthodontic lab and it can now fabricate nearly 500 aligners each day. Also, keeping up with global trends of delivering safe aligners, the lab ensures all its aligners are UV treated and completely hygienic until they reach the final target– you! Apart from fabricating your aligners, the 32 Watts lab also fabricates retainers for the post-treatment phase.

A dental laboratory plays a vital role in helping dentists deliver beautiful smiles across the globe. Orthodontic labs are specialized dental labs that work in the niche segment of orthodontics and are usually highly mechanized to create precise appliances. The accuracy and precision of labs like that of 32 Watts are what differentiates them from other local aligner brands and make them the most trusted brand of aligners in India today!

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