What exactly is zirconia veneer teeth cosmetic?

cosmetic zirconia veneer teeth

Cosmetic veneer teeth

“All-ceramic zirconia veneer restoration” refers to a method of fixing a thin cad cam zirconia dental material on the outer surface of the patient’s teeth without grinding or grinding as little as possible,so as to improve the appearance and color of the teeth.Used in the field of front teeth beauty. All-ceramic zirconia veneer restoration is a personalized restoration for each patient. A perfect restoration can achieve a cosmetic effect comparable to real teeth.

cad cam dental zirconia veneer cosmetic

Multi layer zirconia veneers can change the color and shape of teeth to achieve an aesthetic effect. The doctor polishes off the 0.2-0.5mm thickness of the tooth surface,and then glues the made zirconia veneers to the teeth.

veneer teeth beauty on people

If the teeth are not neat,will porcelain veneers be effective?

CAD CAM zirconia veneer has a small amount of molar teeth,which is relatively healthy. For “tetracycline teeth”, “tooth fluorosis”, “black teeth”, “yellow teeth”, “pulp necrosis and discoloration”, “sparse teeth”, and “minor teeth irregularities” “, “Minor tooth irregularities” can improve the color of the teeth very well,but for the obvious irregularities of the teeth,the improvement is very slight. In other words,if it is obvious that the teeth are not neat,the effect is not ideal if you want to use veneers to make the teeth neat.

great zirconia veneer teeth for beauty

The best way is to make the orthodontic s treatment for the teeth first,wear the dental braces for one or two years (depending on the length of the individual teeth) to adjust the teeth to the correct position,and then do veneers to further improve the appearance of the teeth.Neat teeth can not only improve the aesthetic effect of teeth, but also make it easier to maintain dental hygiene,reduce the possibility of dental caries and periodontal disease.Therefore, for patients with obviously irregular teeth, it is correct to do the orthodontic first and then do the veneer cosmetic.

How ceramic zirconia veneers change the shape and color of teeth

  1. Check. Oral health diagnosis,selection of appropriate indications.
  2. DSD smile aesthetic design. Digital smile aesthetic design, formulate personalized treatment plan.
  3. Prepare teeth. Tooth preparation requires a small amount of teeth to be removed.
  4. Color comparison. To determine the color of the veneer by comparing the color of the teeth with a special contrast color palette for dentistry
  5. Take the modulus.
  6. CAD CAM design. Carry out CAD\CAM design and production,digital simulation design and 3D milling zirconia veneer production.
  7. Veneer bonding. Spread the adhesive evenly on the inside of the finished teeth zirconia veneer restoration,check the occlusal relationship and blend.
The veneer teeth restoration is so thin,will it fall off easily

CAD CAM dental zirconia veneers teeth are quite strong,stronger than dental crowns.Zirconia veneers are directly bonded to the enamel layer of teeth,which is equivalent to pasting transparent glue to glass.The crown is directly pasted on the dentin layer,which is equivalent to pasting the transparent glue on the white powder wall,which shows that the veneer has a very strong adhesion.So don’t worry about whether the veneer will fall off easily.

veneer teeth proceedure
Zirconia teeth veneer advantage
anterior dental zirconia veneer feature

The 6-layer color gradient,49% light transmittance,makes the teeth achieve a jade-like aesthetic effect; the natural effect of the gradient color of the front teeth and the close-fitting crown edge are the advantages of the colorful zirconia gradient all-ceramic.Especially for patients with high aesthetic requirements,they pay more attention to the advantage of natural color,because this makes the restoration integrated with healthy teeth, which is difficult to distinguish.

Is veneer teeth suitable for everyone

Of course,not everyone can do veneers.Whether it is suitable for veneers and what kind of veneers are suitable, it is recommended to go to a professional dental hospital for examination and listen to professional doctors’ opinions.

Zirconia veneers need teeth grinding,is it not healthy enough?

I believe that many patients are worried about grinding their teeth. In fact, there are fewer molars with porcelain veneers, only 0.2mm-0.5mm.

The followings CAD CAM dental zirconia blocks comes with bleach shade of BL1,BL2,BL3,BL4,which is special for the CAD CAM dental zirconia veneer purpose of aesthetic effect.

Ivoclar Vivadent Bleach BL Shade for zirconia veneer

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