why does dental implant cost so much

dental implant price range

“Old Li,looking at the tooth i made,it only came down to 600 usd. It is a bargain.I heard that some people did it for 1600 to 3500 usd!” Uncle Wang excitedly showed off his “discount” for the clinical dental implant teeth.

“Well.” Lao Li felt uncomfortable,because the dental implant teeth he made was more than 2000 usd,and he blamed his son he had to go to some big hospital.It was so expensive,which is really hurts.

Why can the price be so much different for the same dental implant?

The price of dental implants is composed of three parts,the implant,the healing abutment and the crown,and the other bone meal periosteum.

dental implant accessores

There are many brand products for implants and healing abutments.

dental implant system brand

The famous brand dental implants system and abutments have more clinical use time,the implants are more closely integrated with the alveolar bone,and the later stability is higher.But it is not that the more expensive implants and healing abutments are more suitable for you.Generally,the doctor recommends implants and healing abutments to patients based on the condition of the alveolar bone.

1. Brand is a factor affecting the price of dental implants.There are many different brands of dental implants that we usually see,and the performance of dental implants is different because of different brands.

2. The prices of brands type of implant systems are different,and there are many types of crowns,which also affect the final price.

Dental crowns are divided into porcelain crowns and all-ceramic dental zirconia crowns.

The inside of the porcelain crown is a metal bottom crown with a layer of porcelain on the outside.Because of the favorable price,it can change the tooth shape in a short time,so it is very popular.However,it does have some problems:

porcelain crown on dental implant cover

1. Porcelain collapsing,because it is a combination of two different materials (metal inner crown made by cobalt chrome dental alloy and porcelain surface) when thermal expansion or large external force occurs,the porcelain may collapse or the magnetic layer may fall off.

2. “Black lines” appear at the junction of gums and porcelain teeth.

The metal is not stable,easy to oxidize,it is easy to cause the gums to turn black,the posterior teeth are good,and the anterior teeth are very unsightly.

3. Affect magnetic resonance

The metal inner crown of the porcelain tooth may affect the MRI examination of the brain and neck.

The inner crown of the all-ceramic zirconium tooth no longer uses metal,it is made by the dental laboratory milling supplies to produce the customization zirconia crown,and the translucency is closer to that of the natural tooth.After the restoration,the gingival edge is more natural,which can achieve a fake effect.The biocompatibility is also excellent,it has no irritation to the surrounding gum tissue,and does not affect the MRI.It can be said that it is a comprehensive great all ceramic zirconia tooth.

In addition,the size of the hospital,dental implant equipment,dental instrument dentist,and post-service services will affect the price of dental implants.Therefore,when doing dental implants,don’t just compare prices.Many dental implants are done by older middle-aged individual.What is better than health is important.

Related to doctor’s technique

From dental implant design and production,to the doctor placing the implant in the alveolar bone,to the patient’s personal life habits after the implantation,every link and every detail will affect the dynamic balance of the bone remodeling on the implant surface,and then affect the implant. Ultimately,success or failure.

Different hospitals have different charging standards such as between small hospitals and large hospitals,specialized hospitals and general hospitals, etc.; this technology has high requirements on the skills of doctors.Generally,doctors who can do dental implants have high educational level and many years of experience in the clinical,therefore,it is also technically expensive.This is similar to the fact that bricks are not expensive in themselves,but it is expensive to build a building; the materials themselves are not expensive,but the clothes made by famous designers are very expensive.

Related to dental implant care

Sometimes nursing care is worthy of consideration.For some nursing care,it is free,but for extra nursing care,it is not free.Different services have different prices,and some services are very cheap,such as regular dental treatments.Some services are more expensive,such as dental scaling, etc.Therefore,the price of dental implants is absolutely different.

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