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Maintaining Precision: A Comprehensive Guide to the Care and Sterilization of Contra-Angle Hand pieces in Dentistry

4:1 speed reduction contra-angle handpiece

Introduction In dentistry, precision is paramount, where the slightest deviation can have significant consequences. Among the various dental tools used by dental professionals, the contra-angle handpiece stands out as a crucial instrument for intricate dental procedures. These instruments play a pivotal role in a wide spectrum of dental treatments, from meticulously shaping and sculpting tooth […]

Dental Scaler Tips – EMS Compatible:  Your essential instrument in the dental arsenal

dental student training on the teeth model for removing the removal of plaque, tartar,

Ultrasonic scalers can remove calculus very fast from the tooth surface. Most of the scaling power of the equipment is at the tip only which is cooled by a water jet. The ultrasonic scaler tip vibrates and assists in the removal of plaque, tartar, etc. The frequency of vibration of the tip lies between 20 to […]

How To Retrive Broken Endodontic Files

broken files removal training model

There are several effective ways to remove fractured instruments, including using fine ultrasonic tips. To extract a fractured file from inside a root canal, microscopic magnification is required. Bypassing the fragment should also be taken into consideration, as removing a broken file carries a significant risk. The tooth’s long-term prognosis may be jeopardized and bypassing […]

The Essential Role of CBCT Dental Equipment in Orthodontics

orthdontic brace treatment with CBCT

Orthodontics, a specialized branch of dentistry dedicated to enhancing the alignment of teeth and jaws, is geared towards both functional and aesthetic improvements in a patient’s smile. To ensure precise and effective treatment, orthodontic professionals must possess a thorough comprehension of the patient’s dental structure and bite. This is the exact point at which cone-beam […]

How Much Does Orthodontics Cost?

braces dental orthodontics treatment during pregnancy

Love to be beautiful is not limited by age. Orthodontics is also sought after by many people in life. Orthodontics is also a type of oral plastic surgery. In recent years, there have been more and more cases of adult teeth orthodontics. Speaking of orthodontics, How much does orthodontics cost? The specific price is determined […]