useful tips of types of retainers after braces avoid orthodontic treatment failure

retainer for orthodontic treatment

Many patients are asking: Will it recur after orthodontics? We cannot give a definite answer to this question,because it is up to you to relapse.

Many people think that everything will be fine after removing the orthodontic braces!

In fact,orthodontics treatment is divided into two parts:one is the orthodontic period and the other is the maintenance period.

retainer after orthodontics braces treatment

After removing the braces,the doctor will make a retainer to stabilize the teeth in a new and well-aligned position to avoid recurrence.

Why wear a retainer?

Our teeth are moving throughout the life.Correction can make them lined up and beautiful.However,if the braces are removed,the teeth are not stable in the new position and are prone to relapse.Therefore,we must use the retainer to maintain the new tooth position and wait for the alveolar bone remodeled.

If you don’t wear the tooth retainer in time,or don’t wear it carefully,it is easy to show signs of recurrence,and you may need to re-rectify it.Then you will give up all your efforts!

What does the retainer look like?

There are two types of common retainers, fixed retainers and movable retainers.

The movable retainer is divided into: film (transparent) retainer and hawley retainer.

  • fixed retainer

The fixed retainer is glued to the inside of the tooth and cannot be seen from the outside,so it is more beautiful.

fixed retainer

There may be a foreign body sensation when it is first worn; it needs to be worn for entire life; it is suitable for patients who are particularly prone to relapse.

  • Transparent (laminated) retainer

It is made of transparent plastic dental vacuum forming sheet material and is pressed by a compression molding vacuum former heater machine based on the dental mold after the treatment is completed.

transparent retainer for orthodontic

It features the effect good,completely transparent,more beautiful; light foreign body feeling;it generally needs to wear for 3 months.

It is made of steel wire filled with rubber,which is a bit like the popular dentures.

Harley retainer for orthodontic treatment

It is often used with a transparent retainer,wearing a hawley retainer at night and a transparent retainer during the day.

How long to wear the brace retainer

Generally,it is about two years,and it varies from person to person.Some cases require a shorter period of time to maintain,while for some cases that are prone to recurrence,such as severely twisted teeth and interdental spaces,longer retention periods are required.

At present,in the first year after the braces are removed,the retainer must be worn carefully during the day and night.Later,i changed to wearing a retainer at night for 6 months.

If you feel easy to wear,you can gradually reduce the wearing time of the retainer in the future: wear it one night every other day and one night a week until you stop wearing it completely. ‍‍‍

Precautions for wearing retainers
  • Clean

The hawley retainer can be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste every day;the transparent retainer can be rinsed with water after each meal; avoid washing with hot water to avoid deformation.

keep clean for retainer orthodontic

When wearing a transparent retainer,try to avoid the retainer from contacting colored substances such as red wine,orange juice,plum juice, etc.,otherwise it will cause staining of the retainer and affect the appearance of wearing.

  • deposit and release

The retainer is easy to be damaged and lost,and the retainer box is a good way to prevent damage and loss.

When removing or not wearing the retainer,be sure to put it in a box for storage when going out,and avoid wrapping it in paper towels to prevent loss.

  • If it is lost or damaged

If the retainer is unfortunately lost or damaged,it is necessary to contact a doctor in time to take a impression model and redo it.

If the retainer is not replaced in time,the teeth will easily recur.In order to live up to the persistence of orthodontics and not burden yourself,it is still necessary to wear the retainer and keep the retainer well.

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