Dental Impression Procedure Solutions

silicon rubber dental impression materials

Obtaining a fine oral impression is of great significance in dental cosmetic restoration.So how do I get a better oral impression in clinical practice?

1. The choice of dental impression tray

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Stainless stell dental impression trays kit

The tray used to take the impression must have a certain degree of rigidity, otherwise,when using a high-viscosity impression material,it is easy to deform the dental impression tray.Choosing the right tray is the first step.

The higher requirement of dental implant impression trays kit,disposable and economical usage.

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2. Taking teeth impression solution:

1) Single-step method
Choose a suitable dental impression tray and apply a special adhesive. After it is cured,inject the silica gel evenly from the non-working end to the working end in one direction of the tray to avoid air bubbles.

 take teeth impression model procedure

One step of taking teeth impression mold case

one step of the procedure of taking impression in dentist clinic

2). Two-layer one-time modulus method

This method is being used by growing number of dentist in clinical practice, especially when the production of restorations requires high precision for impressions,such as inlays and anterior zirconia veneers.

Taking the teeth impression mold procedure as followings:

Apply a layer of special adhesive on the impression tray,and let it dry;the assistant puts the mixed primary dental silicone rubber impression material into the tray;presses out the basic shape of the dental arch on the tray and injects the secondary silicone rubber into the tray.

When injects the secondary silicon rubber impression material,it needs the dental impression tips.

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On the first impression material,then remove the retraction cord;rinse with a spray gun and blow dry;inject a secondary silica gel around the preparation,place the impression tray in the mouth,and apply a little pressure to make the injected dental impression  material overflow and keep the impression in place where position in the mouth is fixed and no pressure is applied to ensure that the material is completely cured.

 take teeth impression model procedure

1,choosing the dental impression tray kit;

2,adhensive materials applied in impression tray;

3,place silicon rubber dental impression on ray;

4,injection the impression material on the preparation restoration place;

5,making the teeth impression model;

6,finish the procedure of dental impression mold.

two layer one time silicon rubber impression taking the teeth mold

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