Orthodontics Dental Model

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Achieve a clear understanding of your orthodontic treatment options and expected outcomes with our advanced model, designed with invisible aligner simulation for the maxillary part and conventional fixed appliance simulation for the mandibular part.

The customized maxillary and mandibular components of this orthodontic dental model provide enhanced communication and treatment planning capabilities for orthodontists and their patients.

The design facilitates demonstration and comparison of expected outcomes with removable aligners versus fixed braces.

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Orthodontics Dental model

The dental model three-dimensionally replicates the oral cavity for the placement of orthodontic brackets.

It has all teeth that are non-detachable which allows the perfect and easy attachment of braces.

The dental model is available in a standard size and it has a separated upper and lower arch.

The orthodontic model consists of two main parts – maxillary and mandibular.

Maxillary Part:

  • Designed for use with invisible aligners/Invisalign braces
  • Allows orthodontist to show patient expected tooth movement with aligner treatment

Mandibular Part:

  • Features metal self-ligating brackets, archwires, and buccal tubes
  • Allows simulation of conventional fixed appliance treatment


  • Customized design enables comparison of invisible vs fixed appliances
  • Improves doctor-patient communication regarding treatment options and expectations
  • Permits simulation of tooth movement with different appliance systems before starting treatment


The dental model is made of high-quality unbreakable plastic, and resin.


The orthodontics dental model is used for self-learning and patient education.

Different brushing techniques can be replicated in the dental model.

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8 reviews for Orthodontics Dental Model

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Orthodontics Dental Model