Detachable Dental Models

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Teaching detachable dental models with screw tool.

These different types of dental models and simulators allow for realistic and effective training in dental procedures, which is important for the education and practice of dental professionals.


  • Jaw model can be mounted on articulator, and articulator is detachable.
  • Hard or soft gingiva.
  • 24pcs deciduous tooth, 28pcs standard adult tooth, 32pcs adult tooth.

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Detachable dental models

In the detachable model, teeth can be removed and inserted according to their use.

They aid in dental education and the learning process with the replication of the oral cavity.

The dental model is available in different sizes and helps in learning various dental procedures.

There are two types of dental models that can be used with a manikin head simulator. These models include a detachable maxilla and mandible jaw model, each of which has a magnet plate that allows them to be compatible with a magnetic manikin head simulator.

Additionally, the jaw models can also be mounted on an articulator, which makes them adaptable to a simple dental phantom head. The articulator is detachable, which makes it easy to switch between different dental models and simulate various dental procedures.


The dental model is made of high-quality unbreakable, environmentally friendly, and odorless resin.


A dental detachable model is used in patient learning and various procedures can be performed for dental education.

Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm

24pcs deciduous model, 28pcs adult model, 28pcs adult model without articulator, 32pcs adult model, 32pcs adult model hard gingiva, 32pcs adult model hard gingiva with articulator, 28pcs model with stone

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3 reviews for Detachable Dental Models

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    Very good website for dentist. Quick delivery to all places nice Customer service . All dental products availabe at low price

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    better than expected 🙂

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32pcs tooth model with articulator
Detachable Dental Models
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