W+File Reciprocating Endodontic System

The innovative W+File Reciprocating Endodontic System features a single endodontic file with a parallelogram cross-section for simplified root canal preparation.

This reciprocating nickel-titanium file uses a special safety movement and alloy to prevent separation and enhance cutting efficiency.

Available in multiple sizes and lengths, the W+File simplifies endodontic procedures with just one file.

Heat-treated for flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue.

Easy-to-use system for all canal shapes. CE and FDA certified.

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W+File Simple Reciprocating Single-File Endodontics

The W+File is a single-file endodontic system featuring a parallelogram cross section and two cutting points for greater debris removal efficiency. This simple and effective design makes root canal preparation easy and predictable.

Key Features:

W+Files feature

  • S-shaped cross section for enhanced cutting efficiency
  • Golden Maxtech 3.0 nickel-titanium alloy, heat treated for flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Reciprocating safety movement protects the file and prevents separation

Usage Recommendations:

reciprocating one file system operation sequence

  • Small 20/.07 file for narrow canals
  • Primary 25/.07 file for most cases
  • Medium 35/.06 and Large 45/.05 files for wide canals


Feature Details
Cross Section Parallelogram
Alloy Golden Maxtech 3.0 nickel-titanium, heat treated
Movement Reciprocating safety movement
Sizes – Yellow, 20#, .07 taper

– Red, 25#, .07 taper

– Green, 35#, .06 taper

– White, 45#, .05 taper

Lengths 21mm, 25mm, 31mm
Packaging – 4 files per box

– Single units

– Assorted 4-piece sets

Certifications CE, FDA
Additional information

Yellow, 20#, .07 taper, Red, 25#, .07 taper, Green, 35#, .06 taper, White, 45#, .05 taper, Assorted 4pcs


21mm, 25mm, 31mm

reciprocating safety movement single file system
W+File Reciprocating Endodontic System
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