EZ Pass Crown Down Files – Precision Canal Shaping with Progressive Tip Sizes

The EZ-Pass endodontic system features a crown-down design and progressive tip changes for simplified obturation.

With a convex triangle cross-section and MaxTech 6.0NiTi alloy, it provides versatility for different canal anatomies.

Available in multiple sizes and tapers.

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EZ Pass Convex Triangle Files – Reduced Screw-In Effect for Safe Canal Navigation

EZ Pass Features

The EZ Pass system is distinguished as a crown-down file system, specifically tailored for 80% of cases in endodontic procedures.

This innovative system is characterized by a fixed taper, facilitating a simplified and efficient obturation process following root canal preparation.

A noteworthy feature of the EZ Pass system is its progressive tip changes, which contribute to its adaptability and effectiveness in various canal anatomies.

This design ensures that the file can navigate through the intricacies of the root canal with precision, addressing the specific requirements of each case.

In addition to its versatile design the EZ Pass system boasts a reduced screw-in effect, enhancing procedural safety.

The diminished risk of the screw-in effect ensures that the file navigates the canal path smoothly, minimizing the potential for unwanted deviations during root canal shaping.


Size of EZ Pass

Cross Section Convex triangle cross section
Material MaxTech 6.0NiTi alloy
System Crown-down Niti system
  • 20#/.07 Non-coded
  • 15#/.04 white
  • 20#/.04 yellow
  • 20#/.06 yellow
  • 25#/.04 red
  • 25#/.06 red
Packing 6pcs per box, single unit, or 20-25# assorted
Length 20/0.7 19mm (others: 21mm, 25mm, 31mm options)
Certifications CE, FDA
Additional information

20#/.07 19mm length, 15#/.04 white, 20#/.04 yellow, 20#/.06 yellow, 25#/.04 red, 25#/.06 red, 6 sizes assorted


21mm, 25mm, 31mm

EZ Pass Crown Down Files – Precision Canal Shaping with Progressive Tip Sizes
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