V Blue Reciprocating Single Files System

V Blue Endodontic Files feature a unique blue heat-treated design for improved flexibility and canal adaptation.

This single-file system utilizes reciprocating motion for safe and efficient shaping.

V Blue files are made of MaxTech 6.0NiTi alloy and come in multiple tip sizes (25#, 40#, 50#) and lengths (21mm, 25mm, 31mm).

The S-shaped two side cross-section provides excellent cutting efficiency and debris removal.

V Blue simplifies root canal preparation with just one file per case.

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V Blue Endodontic Files Reciprocating Motion

V Blue S shape cross section features


The V File represents a traditional single-file system with added flexibility for versatile application. It has special heat-treated blue design that gives the flexibility making it suitable for a wide range of canal morphologies.

V File begins with establishing a straight-line access to the canal orifice which ensuring a smooth and direct path for subsequent procedures.

The practitioner selects the appropriate size of the V File, laying the foundation for a tailored and effective treatment approach.

The shaping process involves repeated adjustments until the file reaches the working length, ensuring thorough canal preparation.

A notable feature of the V File is its reciprocating safety movement, enhancing procedural safety and precision. This distinctive characteristic allows for controlled back-and-forth motions, reducing the risk of procedural errors and ensuring a secure approach to root canal shaping.


V Blue Specification

Feature Description
Cross section S shape with Two Cutting Edges
Material MaxTech 6.0NiTi alloy
System One files, Reciprocating movement
Sizes 25#/.08 red, 40#/.06 black, 50#/.05 yellow
Packing 6pcs per box, single unit or 25-50# assorted
Length options 21mm, 25mm, 31mm
Additional information

25#/.08 red, 40#/.06 black, 50#/.05 yellow, Assorted 6pcs


21mm, 25mm, 31mm

V Blue Reciprocationg One File System
V Blue Reciprocating Single Files System
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