KM Blue Endodontic Files – Precise, Efficient Root Canal Treatment

The KM Blue endodontic file system features patented S-shape cross-section and MaxTech nickel titanium alloy for superior flexibility and cutting efficiency.

Available in multiple sizes and lengths.

Packing: 4pcs per single unit or assorted.

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KM Blue S-shape Cross Section

KV Blue rotary files offer a secure and reliable solution for effective dental preparation with minimal dentin removal. The key features include the utilization of the advanced MaxTech 6.0 NiTi alloy, ensuring optimal performance.

The unique design incorporates a triangular cross-section, enhancing stability during the dental procedure.

KV Blue apart is its fixed taper, available in options of 0.02, 0.04, and 0.06.

This fixed taper design not only provides precise and controlled preparation but also minimizes the removal of dentin, promoting a safer and more conservative approach to dental procedures.

Dentists can choose from different taper options based on specific requirements, allowing for versatility in addressing various clinical scenarios.


Parameter Details
Cross Section S shape
Material MaxTech 6.0NiTi alloy
Sizes Available 10#/.04 (white), 15#/.05 (red), 20#/.06 (yellow), 25#/.06 (purple)
Packing 4 pcs per box, single unit or 10-25# assorted
Length Options 21mm, 25mm, 31mm
Additional information

10#/.04 white, 15#/.05 red, 20#/.06 yellow, 25#/.06 purple, assorted 4pcs


21mm, 25mm, 31mm

KM system rotary files
KM Blue Endodontic Files – Precise, Efficient Root Canal Treatment
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