EndoTraining Root Canal Simulator

Master endodontic procedures with the endo training root canal simulator.

Realistic translucent canals and apex locator integration help develop skills for root canal shaping, cleaning, obturation, and location of the apical foramen.

The endo training root canal simulator features a curved canal system to help master complex anatomical challenges.

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Root Canal Simulator’s provides precise depth feedback for improved endo skill

Our realistic root canal simulator provides an immersive experience for honing your dental skills.

Connect the simulator to a digital apex locator to get feedback on file placement and distance to the apex.

The clear resin material lets you visualize your work inside the simulated root canal.

The model has both circular and square openings to represent molar and anterior/premolar teeth.

The curved canals have a hardness of 83±5 shore hardness, replicating the anatomy of a real root canal in a well-structured manner.

Our root canal simulator system is compatible with most digital apex locators, so you can either use your existing device or purchase one from a nearby store.


Parameter Description
Canal Openings Square holes for molars and multi-rooted teeth

Circular holes for anterior and single-rooted premolars

Canal Morphology Curved canals to simulate complex anatomy
Apex Locator

(Not included in the set)

Digital apex locator connects to model to give file depth feedback
Material Clear resin allows visualization inside the canal
Hardness 83±5 Shore A hardness simulates natural dentin
Components canal access simulator(disposable use)

2pcs replacement gaskets,

Base with measuring length(repeated use).


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5 Kit, 20Pcs root canal simulator

EndoTraining Root Canal Simulator
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