Dental Simulator With Advanced Occlusal Movement

Manikin Dental Simulator, Magnetic System,

Screw Mounting Design:Easy Installation, Saving Space, Adjustable Height, Stability, Portability.

Dimension: 55.8x 20.6×40.3 cm.

Net weight: 6.4 Kg, shipping weight: 7.5 Kg.

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Manikin Simulator

A dental simulator is a device that simulates soft and hard oral tissue.
Pre-patient simulation instruction assists dentistry students in making an effortless transition to patient clinics.
Dental models provide students with a finger rest, water spray, and dental handpiece.


Advantages of Dental Simulator with Various Occlusal and Jaw Movement Functions:

feature of dental simulator

  • Enhanced Training: With various occlusal and jaw movement functions, the dental simulator allows for a more realistic training experience that closely mimics actual dental procedures, making it an effective tool for improving dental skills.
  • Versatility: The simulator’s lateral, vertical, and inclination adjustment functions provide a wide range of movement, enabling the user to practice different dental techniques and procedures on different types of patients with different jaw positions.
  • Complex Dentistry Occlusal Restoration: The simulator’s advanced functions make it suitable for training in complex dentistry occlusal restoration, which requires a high degree of precision and accuracy.
  • Facebow Transfer to Articulator Training: The availability of facebow transfer to articulator training allows dental professionals to practice advanced techniques and procedures, such as orthodontic treatments, on the simulator before performing them on actual patients.
  • Magnetic System: The magnetic system used by the simulator makes it easy to attach jaw models to the articulator, allowing for faster and more efficient training sessions.

The screw design(attachable to desk, bench) makes it easy to install and remove the simulator, reducing setup time and making it more convenient for users to switch between training sessions or locations.


Dental simulators allow learners to practice skills required for safe patient care delivery.

Dental simulation may also include skills required to establish and run a successful dental practice.


Additional information
Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 22 × 45 cm

Pink, Red

dental simulation system
Dental Simulator With Advanced Occlusal Movement