Customized Edentulous Models

Customized edentulous models For Implant oral surgery skill practice.

Training purpose: Drilling, Implant insertion, Incision, Flap, Suturing.

Material: Shore hardness HD75 Resin, superhard, good performance of bone-penetration resistance in dentistry simulation practice.

Original designed by ZIMMER, Megagen, Dental Laboratorio self-design.

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superhard edentulous training jaw model
Customized Edentulous Models

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Implant edentulous training models

The soft edentulous arch models aid in the customization of dental implants.

They are constructed flawlessly and replicate the edentulous dental arch.

The soft customized models are available in various sizes and selections based on jaw size.

The variants are available with waxed and non-waxed patterns.


It is used for dentist and lab communication and making mock designs.

It also aids in dental implant surgery and customization on surgical sites.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm

TYD-A21-3-G, TYD-A22-3-G, TYA-E2*-U