Endodontic Treatment Model

5 stages of endodontic treatment model in simulation.

2 times magnification to demonstrate the 5 stages in vivid.

Better and effectively explain the progression of caries into the pulp, various root canal files, instrument treatment progress, and final outcome.

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Endodontic Treatment Model with 5 stages
Endodontic Treatment Model



Study and patient communication endodontic model

The model features five stages, from caries accumulation, cleaning, and shape, to obturation and restoration.

This model is crafted from durable and clear acrylic, making it easy to see the intricate details of the treatment. The base of the model is also transparent, allowing you to easily view the root canal and pulp structure.

The model is designed to provide an accurate and effective patient education aid that can be used in any dental office.

With this endodontic treatment model, you can show the patient exactly what procedures will be done and how the end result will look.