Caries Pathology Model

4 and 6 times magnification caries pathology model.

These models are a great tool for dentists to use in educating their patients about the progression of caries and the importance of preventative care.

They are also ideal for use in dental schools and training courses to help students visualize the development of caries.

4 times model dimension: 11.5*5.5*6.5 cm,

6 times model dimension: 7.3*5*8.5 cm.

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Dental Tooth Caries Model

Tooth caries demonstration models are designed to aid in patient education and understanding. We offer two types of models: the 4 times magnification and the 6 times magnification.

  • Our 4 times magnification model is perfect for showcasing the progression of caries in a step-by-step manner.

The model features detachable teeth that can be easily split into two parts, allowing for a detailed demonstration of the inner caries structure.

Starting with the early stages of tooth decay, small black spots on the enamel are showcased, indicating the beginning of decay. As the decay progresses, the model demonstrates how it gradually involves the root canal pulp, leading to further damage to the tooth. The final stage of decay showcases the cavity reaching the root and causing abscess formation.

This visual representation of the decay process helps patients better understand the severity of their decay and the importance of seeking treatment early on.

  • Our 6 times magnification model takes patient education to the next level.

The two side teeth are split in half, providing a clear comparison of the caries pathology and the normal tooth structure. This model is ideal for demonstrating the intricate details of the inner structure of teeth affected by caries, and how it affects the normal functioning of the tooth.

These 3 types of caries pathology models demonstration are designed to provide a clear and comprehensive visual representation of the decay process to patients. By showcasing the progression of decay and its impact on the inner structure of teeth, we hope to encourage patients to take a proactive approach to their oral health and seek treatment at the earliest sign of decay.

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4 times translucent base, 4 times red base, 6 times

tooth caries pathology model
Caries Pathology Model
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