Tooth Preparation Model

Cavity preparation models are an invaluable asset for dental professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge in various dental procedures.

These models are available in different types, including those designed for the maxilla and mandible, and can be used in conjunction with articulators and simulators to create a realistic and immersive training experience.

Tooth preparation model options:

  • Soft or hard gingiva
  • 24pcs, 28pcs, 32pcs, missing tooth model
  • Maxilla and mandible separated as on set, or with articulator

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Tooth Preparation Model

The cavity preparation model assists in hand learning for tooth preparation.

It has acrylic teeth that help in tooth preparation and replicate the natural tooth.

They aid in the building of margins, walls, and angled cavity preparation.


It is used for educational purposes and learning of cavities on the model.

It also helps in the customization of tooth preparation, and treatment planning.

The jaw model with an articulator can be detachable and can be applied in both magnetic and simple manikin dental simulators.

Benefits of mastering and training in dentistry

Whether it’s for practicing cavity preparations, crown preparations, or any other dental procedure, tooth preparation models allow dental professionals to hone their skills in a controlled and safe environment. With their high level of detail and accuracy, these models provide an excellent opportunity for dental professionals to practice and perfect their techniques, ensuring that they are well-prepared to provide the best possible care to their patients.

For dental institutions and organizations, tooth preparation models can be a valuable investment, as they provide a means of training and educating their staff in a cost-effective and efficient manner. With their versatility and adaptability, tooth preparation models are a must-have for any dental practice or training facility.

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24pcs tooth, 28pcs tooth, 28pcs tooth + articulator, 32pcs tooth + articulator, 32pcs tooth hard gingiva, 32pcs tooth hard gingiva + articulator, 28pcs tooth with stone and articulator, 28pcs + mounted stand articulator

32pcs tooth model with articulator
Tooth Preparation Model
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