Customized Training Implant Model

Cost-saving Customized missing tooth training implant model product series.

Training purpose: drilling, implant placement, incision, suture.

Model hardness material options:

  • Resin: Superhard, shore hardness HD 75
  • Foam: Ⅲbone hardness, suitable for medical training purposes.
  • Resin mixed with foam: replicate II– III bone, trainees will experience the life-like bone-penetration feeling when drilling on the model

The implant training models are originally designed by DENTSPLY, Yamazaki, ZIMMER, MEGAGEN, DENTIUM, etc.

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Customs Missing Tooth Implant Training Model

An implant is an ideal option for the replacement of missing teeth. the implant models replicate the upper and lower arch.

The implant model has a partially missing tooth and is available in waxed and non-waxed foam.

It can assist in crown preparation, abutment placement, and implant drilling.


Implant models can be used for mock implant surgeries and training.

It provides accurate measurements for implant surgeries.

All orders will be completed 2-3 days after customized production, clients can share their training idea with us, and we can customize your training requirement.

Additional information
Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 7 cm

TYU-A24—5, TYD-A24—7, TYD-A24-10, TYU-A24-14-G, TYU-A24-22-G, TYD-A24-4-G, TYU-A24-19-G, TYU-A24-22-G, TYD-A24-21G, TYD-A24-22-HR

missing tooth implant training model
Customized Training Implant Model
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