Periodontal Jaw Model

A periodontal jaw model is an essential tool for dental professionals looking to hone their periodontal surgery skills.

It’s durability and high-quality design ensure it can be used repeatedly for effective training.

Invest in the periodontal calculus training model today and take your periodontal surgery skills to the next level.

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Calculus Removal Model-the perfect training tool for periodontal surgery practice and training.

This comprehensive training model provides a realistic simulation of various periodontal pathologies and procedures, making it an essential tool for dental professionals.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the model features a realistic grainy, rough texture that mimics the appearance of calculus on teeth. It includes a set of 28 standard adult teeth with soft pink gingiva, complete with screw-retained dentition anatomically rooted to the models. Additionally, the model comes supplied with dark sub-gingival calculus material for scaling, providing a truly authentic experience.


The periodontal jaw model is designed to facilitate a range of training techniques, including pathological observation, calculus removal, root amputation, tunnel preparation, probing, and osteoplasty. It includes a detachable articulator, allowing for easy manipulation during training, and magnet plates on the upper and lower jaw base to provide a stable and secure attachment to the manikin simulator head.

With a range of periodontal pathologies included, such as bone loss, furcation involvement, and gingival recession, the model offers a comprehensive training experience. It also features teeth with varying degrees of mobility, allowing for practice in handling mobile teeth.

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Periodontal Jaw Model
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