Dental Anesthesia Model Simulation

Professional electric-powered oral surgery anesthesia simulation training model.

The dental anesthesia model has 11 ejection points on each maxilla and mandible.

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Anesthesia Model For Extraction Tooth Simulation

This is an anesthesia simulation training model designed to help medical professionals learn how to accurately administer anesthetic injections.

It features 11 injection points on both the upper and lower sides of the model. When the correct injection position is achieved, a red light will flash and a beep sound will be heard.

This model is designed to provide a realistic learning experience to ensure that medical/dental professionals are well prepared to carry out anesthetic injections in a real-life setting.

The product accessories of needles, injection syringes, battery are not included.

Dental Anesthesia Tooth Extraction Model
Dental Anesthesia Model Simulation