Drilling Practice Model

The implant drilling practice model replicates bone hardness for a true-to-life training experience.

Choose from four distinct shape options for a comprehensive training experience.

3 types of bone hardness material are available options.

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Basic Implant Drilling Practice Model-replicates bone hardness for a true-to-life training experience

A top-quality product designed to provide dental trainees with an efficient and realistic training experience. This model offers four distinct shape options, including two shapes of an edentulous mandible without tone, a maxilla with few missing tooth areas, and a maxilla & mandible set with tone.

With the ability to practice implant drills at different angles, trainees can hone their dentistry skills and techniques in a safe and controlled environment before applying them to real patients. The model material has been carefully selected to replicate the hardness of type II~III bone, providing a realistic drilling and bone-penetration resistance experience during implant placement procedures.

High-quality material options

Our jaw model for basic drilling practice offers several material options to suit your specific needs.

  • The foam material replicates type III bone hardness with shore hard DH 35-50.
  • The resin is mixed with foam that replicates types II~III bone hardness.
  • The super hard resin with shore hard DH 75 replicates type II bone hardness.

The primary purpose of this product is to provide a comprehensive drilling and implant insertion training experience that enhances the skills and confidence of dental trainees. With our basic implant drilling practice models, trainees can gain practical experience in implant placement procedures and perform with confidence during real-life clinical scenarios.

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mandible model 1, mandible model 2, maxilla model, maxilla & mandible set

foam material-maxilla missing tooth drilling model
Drilling Practice Model
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