Implant Practice Jaw Model

All In One Multi-purposes Implant Practice Jaw Model.

Replicate bone material: Superhard resin material, II hardness for bone-penetration resistance training.

Practice making incisions, creating full-thickness flaps and efficiently drilling into bone surfaces.

With our implant practice jaw model, you can practice implant placement at different angles and in relation to the opposing maxilla dentition, making you a more skilled and confident practitioner.

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High-quality Implant Practice Jaw Model, designed with features to simulate a complete implant surgery procedure.

The Implant practice jaw model is an ideal tool for dental professionals and students to practice and hone their implant surgical skills. The model is designed with features that allow for a comprehensive training experience, including the ability to simulate a full implant surgery procedure.

implant drilling training on jaw model

Unique structure design

The maxilla of the model is equipped with a red gingiva layer, which can be easily lifted to reveal the underlying bone structure. This feature provides the trainee with an opportunity to practice making incisions, creating full-thickness flaps, and drilling into the bone surface. The maxilla also allows a surgical guide plate to process the placement of implant prostheses in a good manner.

The mandible portion of the model lacks the gingiva layer, allowing the trainee to practice drilling and implant insertion into the bone surface. This feature is particularly useful for those who need to learn how to insert implants at different angles, in relation to the opposing maxilla dentition.

Great material made

The maxillary missing tooth implant training area is made of a combination of gingiva and resin, which provides a realistic feel and texture that mimics real-life implant placement. The maxilla is made of two layers of gingiva and resin, which allow the trainee to practice the complete implant surgery procedure.

The mandible missing tooth area is made of superhard resin, duplicating the type II bone hardness. It allows trainees to experience the drilling resistance, and bone penetration during the implant oral surgery simulation.

It is a perfect tool for dental professionals and students alike to master the art of surgery with this implant practice jaw model.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm
jaw model for training
Implant Practice Jaw Model