Implant Supported Dentures Training Model

Cost-saving implant supported dentures training model.

Training purpose: drilling, implant placement.

Model hardness is Ⅲbone hardness, trainees will realize the life-like bone penetration result when drilling on the model.

The implant plus denture training model is originally designed by DENTSPLY.

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Mandibular Implant And Denture Models

The implant and denture model of the lower arch has a few missing teeth segments.

The customized models replicate the lower arch and aid in learning.

They are available in waxed die to practice drilling and implant insertion.

The mandible jaw model is made of foam material, which replicates thebone hardness, trainees will have felt the resistance and bone penetration.

The implant-supported dentures training model is a cost-saving training tool for students before they apply the dentistry technique to real patients.


The models used for the learning and planning of implant surgeries.

They also aid in the denture formation steps, customization, and tooth setup.


Additional information
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 7 cm

24pcs tooth, 28pcs tooth, 28pcs tooth + articulator, 32pcs tooth + articulator, 32pcs tooth hard gingiva, 28pcs tooth with stone and articulator

implant-supported dentures training model
Implant Supported Dentures Training Model