sectional matrix for composite

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36pc per kit;

dentistry sectional matrix for composite;

5 kit minimum quantity,free delivery.

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Dentistry secional matrix kit

The sectional matrix dentistry enable dental composite resin filling procedure easily.

Cleaning and sterilization instructions:

1) Submerge instruments in cleaning agent solution with neutral pH for 20 min;
2) Rinse the instruments thoroughly with purified water for 3-5 min;
3) Perform standard moist heat / steam sterilization procedure following the sterilizer instructions.


1) Do not use cleaning agents with high percentage of chlorine and cleaners containing oxalic acid;
2) Do not keep instruments in liquid medium for more than 3 hours.
Package: 1 box=36pcs

Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm


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