Gerber System Facebow and Dental Gothic Arch for Precise Articulation

Transfer maxillo-mandibular relation from patient to articulator with the Gerber facebow.

Gothic arch tracing precisely locates centric relation for accurate articulation and occlusion.

Durable materials ensure reproducibility for articulating and fabricating dental restorations.

Dental gothic arch two model options.

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Facebow Gothic Arch Occlusal Tracing Analysis
Gerber System Facebow and Dental Gothic Arch for Precise Articulation

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Gothic Arch Tracer for Centric Relation Articulation

The Gerber facebow is an essential tool for accurate dental articulation. It allows the transfer of maxillo-mandibular relation from the patient to the articulator, capturing condylar inclination and Bennett movement.

The facebow features a sturdy U-shaped frame with adjustable earpieces and condylar rods. The bite fork with imprint trays takes an impression of maxillary occlusion for mounting maxillary casts. Locking nuts securely fix the position.

Once mounted on the articulator using the facebow transfer, the included Gothic arch tracing kit helps locate centric relation. The tracing plate is attached to the maxillary cast, and insertion guides fit onto the mandibular cast. As the casts are closed together, a scribing point traces the path of closure on carbon paper.

The resulting Gothic arch tracing precisely identifies centric relation for accurate articulation, occlusion, and denture fabrication. It allows occlusion to be transferred to the articulator exactly as in the patient’s mouth.

The Gerber facebow and Gothic arch system delivers precision and reproducibility for articulation, helping create functional and comfortable dental restorations. The materials and construction ensure accuracy and durability even with repeated use.

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