Adjustable Dental Articulator for Precise Denture and Restoration Fabrication

Adjustable dental articulator with magnetic split mounting base for realistic simulation of occlusal relationships.

Facilitates precise fabrication of dental prosthetics and orthodontic appliances.

Durable metal construction suitable for most denture sizes.

Saves materials and effort through adjustable upper component and easy model mounting.

Ideal articulation tool for efficient dental lab work and accurate bite replication.

4pcs minimum, DHL/FedEx delivery.

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  • Cast metal articulator for simulating upper jaw movements and occlusal relationships
  • Adjustable with two bolts on each side to tighten upper arch to natural bite
  • Comes with occlusion stand plate for upper castings

Simulate natural occlusion and streamline dental appliance fabrication with our adjustable, durable dental articulators, specially designed for efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features

  • Durable construction from high-quality materials
  • Magnetic split mounting base for easy and precise setup
  • Suitable for most denture sizes
  • Conserves materials and time compared to traditional methods


  • Facilitates precise fabrication of fixed tooth restorations, orthodontic appliances, occlusal surfaces
  • Upper component moves realistically for accurate bite simulation
  • Split design allows easy model mounting and detachment
  • Saves effort and materials through adjustable articulation

Ideal for dental technicians and orthodontists seeking to efficiently create accurate dental prosthetics and appliances.

articulators with occlusion plate for dentures
Adjustable Dental Articulator for Precise Denture and Restoration Fabrication