Magnetic Mounting Base Articulator for Dental Laboratory Restorative Cases

Elevate your restorative outcomes with our premium articulator featuring a magnetic Artex-compatible base, feathery carbon construction, and precise adjustments for Bennett angle (0° to +20°) and incisal guidance (-5 to +10 mm).

Ensure accurate occlusal reproductions with fixed 35° sagittal condylar inclination.

Durable, lightweight, and seamlessly integrated into modern dental laboratory workflows.

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Feathery Carbon Articulator with Adjustable Bennett Angle

This state-of-the-art articulator features a magnetic mounting base compatible with the Artex system, allowing for quick model transfers in the dental laboratory.

Boasting adjustable Bennett angles and incisal guidance, it ensures precise occlusal reproductions for restorative cases.

Crafted from durable yet lightweight carbon material, this articulator seamlessly integrates into modern laboratory workflows.

Technical table

Construction Height126 mm
Bonwill’s Triangle Side Length110 mm
Sagittal Condylar InclinationFixed at +35°
Condylar Inclination Radius19 mm
Bennett Angle Adjustability0° to +20°
Incisal Guidance Adjustability-5 to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table
Additional information

Semi-adjustable articulator, Disposable mounting plates, Facebow, Transfer stand, Transfer plate Kit

artex-system compatible magnetic mounting base articulator
Magnetic Mounting Base Articulator for Dental Laboratory Restorative Cases
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