Precision Articulator Diagnostic Tool for Optimal Occlusal Relationships

Improve your dental diagnostic capabilities with our Articulator Diagnostic Tool, featuring an Artex-compatible magnetic mounting system.

This semi-adjustable articulator offers precise and versatile functionality, perfect for achieving optimal occlusal relationships.

Enhance your practice with this robust, easy-to-use, and Artex mounting system compatible dental tool.

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Premium Semi-adjustable Articulator: Artex-Compatible Magnetic System for Enhanced Dental Diagnostics and Treatment Planning

A precision-engineered dental tool designed to enhance your diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities. This articulator features an artex-compatible magnetic mounting system, offering convenience and flexibility for various dental applications.


  1. Semi-Adjustable Design: This articulator allows for adjustments of the lateral mandibular Bennett angle and maxillary sagittal condylar inclination, providing accurate measurements of angle data to support your diagnostic and treatment planning needs.
  2. Artex-Compatible Magnetic Mounting System: The magnetic mounting system ensures easy and secure mounting of dental casts, while being compatible with the widely-used Artex system. This feature enhances versatility and convenience in your daily practice.
  3. Precision Adjustments: The articulator offers a range of adjustable parameters, including sagittal condylar inclination (-15° up to +60°), Bennett angle (0° up to +20°), and incisal guidance (-5 up to +10 mm). These adjustable features enable you to accurately replicate patient movements and achieve optimal occlusal relationships.
  4. Robust Construction: With a construction height of 126 mm and Bonwill’s triangle with a 110 mm side length, this articulator is built to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining its precision and accuracy.

Technical Table

Product TypeDental Articulator
Mounting SystemArtex-Compatible Magnetic
Construction Height126 mm
Bonwill’s Triangle Side Length110 mm
Sagittal Condylar InclinationAdjustable (-15° to +60°)
Curvature Radius of Condylar Inclination19 mm
Bennett AngleAdjustable (0° to +20°)
Incisal GuidanceAdjustable (-5 mm to +10 mm)
Incisal Guidance Table
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Semi-adjustable articulator, Disposable mounting plates, Facebow, Transfer stand, Transfer plate Kit

Semi-Adjustable Dental Articulator with Artex-Compatible Magnetic Mounting System
Precision Articulator Diagnostic Tool for Optimal Occlusal Relationships
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