Dental Casting Machine Medium Frequency

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  • Dental Casting Machine Medium Frequency;
  • Maximum melting amount:50g(Co-Ch Alloy);
  • Weight: 100Kg, Contact service for shipping cost.
  • 220V 50Hz Only.

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The Medium Frequency Dental Casting Machine is used for casting alloys in prosthetic dentistry and orthodontics. It can be used to melt precious alloys or investment casting in all fields of dentistry.

This machine can be used to deal with special structured removable dentures, melt bases of casting crowns,metal-porcelain crowns, and all kinds of clamps. The dental casting machine is together with 5pcs vertical dental crucibles.

It has the following advantages:

1.This dental casting machine has advanced all-transistor circuitry, which makes it a highly efficient, low power consumption, and low power rating(2.5KW) machine.

2.No preheat is needed, the melting and casting process can start immediately after the machine is turned on, the interval between melting and casting is two minutes.

3.This machine can work under the voltage of 220V±10%

4.Low working voltage and low high-frequency radiation make it safer and more reliable.

5.It is a compact dental casting machine with a small size and low weight.



Power supply voltage

AC220V±10% 50Hz



Maximum melting amount

50g(Co-Ch Alloy)

Melting duration

30g Less than or equal to 65s(standard condition)

Casting radius


Centrifugal rotational speed


Casting method

Horizontal centrifugal melting

Motor power


Cooling method





About 100kg


1.Power supply: Single-phase power supply should be used (Capacity≥3kVA, Voltage AC 220V±10%,50Hz,12A). if the voltage exceeds the limit, a voltage regulator should be installed, the capacity of the regulator should be more than 5KVA.

2.Diameter of the power supply wire≥2.5mm(copper).

3.Resistance of the grounding device≤4Ω, there should be a reliable connection between the equipment and the ground to ensure the users.

Circuit Diagram:

The Medium Frequency Casting Machine has an all-transistor circuitry, the circuit diagram is below.

circuit diagram of dental casting machine

The medium frequency dental casting machine consists of the following elements in the return circuit: transformer, voltage selector, rectifier filter, amplifying

of medium frequency fluctuating power,over-heat protection, operation indications. The process includes the following procedures:single-phase power supply goes through a transformer and a voltage-selector, choose the suitable voltage according to the material and weight of the alloy.

The amplified medium frequency can prevent over-heating by operating the return circuit. And by operating the return circuit, can also control the melting and casting process.

Dental Casting Machine Diagram

1.Power Switch

2.Voltage selector

3.Position indicator       

4.Power indicator

5.DC current

6.DC voltage

7.Melt button

8.Cast button

9.Stop button

10.Observation window


Read the dental casting machine manual carefully before using, especially the parts in this section, follow the procedures strictly to avoid any accidents.

1.Turn on the power switch and the air blower should start working, choose the correct voltage by adjusting the voltage selector according to the material and weight of the metal(voltage shown on the AC voltmeter).for 30g of refractory alloy, choose 180v±5v on the voltage selector, Increase 5 voltage for every 10g of alloy added. The maximum voltage limit is 195v. (Normally, keep the voltage between 175v-185v).

2.Put the pre-heated casting mold on the V-shape bracket, place the crucible sliding, platform close to the V-shape bracket casting process which will affect the result. This will also prevent the sliding platform from hitting the work coil. Adjust the center position of the mold, lock it after it is balanced with the balance weight, use a compression nut to tighten the point, close the lid, the door indicator light and position indicator light should be on.

3.Press the melted button and notice the reading on the ammeter, the normal electric current should be around 10A, and should not be above 16A.

4.Observe the state of melting from the observation window. when the melting is completely finished, press the casting button and the centrifugal motor rotates for about 3-5s, then press the stop button, open the lid and take out the casting mold after it stops. The machine should stop working for more than two minutes before being used again. Adjust the centrifugal bracket according to the position line and the position point after use, the work coil should be between the vent to make sure the work coil cools off.

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