Dental Intraoral Scanner

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Dental Intraoral Scanner complete kit for sale online.


  • Pixels: 12 million
  • Focal length: 3-50 mm, autofocus
  • Camera: 1/4 SONY HAD CCD
  • Light source: 6pcs LED
  • Format: NTSC/PAL
  • Display:1 Picture/4 Pictures/
  • Wifi

Net weight: 6.5 kg, Packing dimension: 26x51x52cm.

Shipping weight: 14.5kg, DHL/UPS delivery.

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Dental intraoral scanner

An intraoral scanner takes full images of the oral cavity and aids in oral rehabilitation.

The oral scanner has a complete set scanner, images display monitor, wifi intraoral camera, and related accessories.

The high-resolution images make the construction easy and there is no need for conventional impression techniques or materials.

Material: Dental intraoral scanners are made of high-quality plastic.


Intraoral dental scanners are used for the impression-taking of upper and lower arches.

It records the oral tissues and missing teeth that help in core build-up or other restorative procedures.


  • Pixels: 12 million
  • Focal length: 3-50 mm, autofocus
  • Camera: 1/4 SONY HAD CCD
  • Light source: 6pcs LED
  • Format: NTSC/PAL
  • Operating System: Embedded Operating System
  • Screen Size:17 inch
  • Screen Resolution:1280*1024
  • Display:1 Picture/4 Pictures/
  • Wi-Fi Transmission: Available
  • Storage Mode: USB Storage
  • Other Function: Remote Control Function
  • Storage Capacity:8G
  • Picture Format: JPG
  • Focusing Scope:3-50mm
  • Power Consumption:30W
  • Wifi
Packing list:
  • Multimedia Integrated Monitor 1Pcs
  • Intraoral Camera 1Pcs
  • Intraoral Camera Cable 1Pcs
  • Remote Control 1Pcs
  • Power Supply Package 1Set
  • Intraoral Camera Holder&Bracket 1Set
  • Camera Holder Screw 1Pack
  • USB Device 1Pcs

Wifi operation and storing the pictures in mobile devices:

intraoral cameral store picture operation

To operate the wifi and store it on your mobile device, do the following steps:

1. Push the top button four times (from different angles to take patient oral pictures). Push the button once more to store them.

2. Push the second button to check the store status.

3. Push the third button for a while, then display the present QR code in the screen center.

4. Check the wifi id at the bottom left of the screen.

4. Connect to the wifi using your mobile phone (both Android and iPhone options available) and the wifi password 12345678.

5. Use the mobile browser to scan the QR code to store the picture.

Assemble procedures in the dental office reference tutorial

Additional information
Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 51 × 52 cm
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