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What are Dental Endo Files?

The dental endo files are manually operated endodontic instruments used in root canal therapy. Besides, Dental Endo files debride the necrotic pulp and clean the canal. Moreover, these files available with variations in size and shape. The most used measure of endo files is 25mm. Likewise, Each endo file has a specific number with a unique colored coding band: the diameter and working blade are adjusted according to the number of endo files.

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How to use Dental Endo Files?

The different hand movements are used for the dental endo file. In the same way, the filing is the commonly used up and down direction of the instrument in the root canal. Spiral cutting edges can help to remove defective necrotic pulp. The stainless-steel dental endo files are suitable for sclerotic and mineralized canals. They resist bending during the filing in the channel. On the other end, the Nickle titanium canal easily adapts to the curvature of a canal and minimal chances of breakage during the root canal therapy.

Types of manually operated Endo files:

K- Files:

K types endo files have a square cross-section. Likewise, The cutting edges have tightly placed spiral flutes. Here, They are closely assembled and cover the whole working end. They are operated in up and down, spiral, and watch wing motion.


K reamers are similar instruments as dental files except for the arrangement of flues. The flues in the reamer are loose than files. The cross-section of the K reamer is triangular. Reamer operated on the rotational motion and effectively cleaned the canal.

Hedstrom or H files

H- files have triangular flues that are specially designed for straight canals. The cross-section of H- files is round and operated in up and down spiral movement.

Rotatory Endo files:

The slow-speed dental handpiece operates rotatory dental endo files. The right edge of the files attached to the handpiece and removes the root canal debris. Rotatory instruments are flexible, and fracture resistance equally beneficial for the curved canals.