Is Selecting A Dental Lab Milling Supplies A Difficult Task?

cad cam dental lab milling supplies


The purchasing of dental lab milling supplies is the most important and also a confusing task. The main reason for the confusion is, you will get a lot of options starting from dry or wet milling to the high-tech laboratory mills. So, selecting dental lab milling supplies is not only a crucial part, but it is also important equipment for your dental lab.

What are dental lab milling supplies?

These dental lab milling supplies are used to take a digital impression of our teeth, and then it is used to make dental crowns, copings, dental bridges, removable dental prostheses, temporary prostheses, complete dentures, implant abutments, and so on. These milling supplies will come with the latest technology and software so that the dentists and lab technicians will get effective and quality results.

In these dental lab milling supplies, advanced technology has been used, so that with the help of computer-aided design, the technicians can create stronger and higher quality dental restorations. These milling supplies come with high cutting-edge techniques, so they can mill any kind of harder materials.

Some dental lab milling supplies are compatible with the CAD/CAM software options, and a variety of materials were used so that it will offer greater flexibility, efficiency, time, and money-saving.

So, before choosing the dental lab milling supplies, there are a lot of options to consider such as specifications, features, type of material to be used, operation, and the mode of usage.

dental lab milling supplies

Types of milling used:

Depending on the type of materials, the milling can be either dry or wet milling. If you are using any kind of ceramic material, then you need to prefer the wet milling option. Even, for certain metals like chrome cobalt, wet milling is required. But there are certain materials like zirconia, titanium, which prefer both wet and dry milling. Wax and acrylic use dry milling options.

During wet milling, the liquid used has several kinds of benefits, as it helps in continuously bathes the dental milling tool and CAD CAM dental blocks. Also, it helps to keep both the material and tool cool, and it helps to remove the material from the milling disk or block. So, while wet milling, certain lubricants will be added which act as a cutting lubricant. But always remember, the wet milling requires frequent cleaning, as the material will get collect inside the machine, and it should be removed eventually.

In dry milling, there is no need for liquid, and we don’t need to remove the scrap materials from the cutting surface. Instead of liquid, we can use pressurized air, or vacuum, or sometimes the combination of both. Even dry milling also requires frequent cleaning, because during the milling there will be a considerable amount of dust and shavings will get generated. The most important things to consider before purchasing dry milling are vacuum, noise, and other operating expenses.  

How does it work?

The working process of the dental lab cad cam includes three processes, scan, design, and procedure.

Initially, if the patient has any decay or broken tooth, then it will be corrected by the clinician. Then, a digital impression will be taken for the prepared tooth and the surrounding tooth.

The second step is, these digital impressions will be converted into the image by using special software, and then the restoration is created visually.

Then, the final step is this software will send all the information to the milling machine, and then the milling machine will start the restoration work. These restorations will be inserted in the patient’s mouth, and then bonded in the right place.

The time taken for the entire process will be range from 40 minutes to two and a half hours.

Pros and cons of the dental lab milling supplies:


  • As the latest technologies were used in the machine, so the restoration will be of higher quality, and also they will come with a natural appearance
  • The measurements and the fabrications made in the dental lab milling supplies will be better and precise
  • The dentist can save the patient’s time if they have the dental milling supplies in their clinic.They can finish the restoration work on the same day, as it will take a shorter time
  • When compared to conventional impressions, these digital impressions will be faster and easier. Also, in the dental impression, there are no wax-ups, casting, firing, and investing
  • The adaptation of the teeth comes with the exact marginal dental sealing so it ensures the long-term performance
  • The implants made from the dental lab milling supplies will come of higher quality, so the dentist exactly know where it needs to be placed
  • The dental milling supplies are designed in a user-friendly way, so they can easily fit into all kind of practices


  • If you want the advanced software and technology, then the cost of milling supplies will be high
  • If your milling requires high technical proficiency, then there will be a high barrier to entry
Cost of the milling supplies:

There are several parameters available for the dental lab milling supplies, so the cost of the milling supplies entirely depends on that. If you want to consider the cost, then you need to note the number of restorations practiced per mouth, and also how much you will be spent on the lab while making these restorations.

Even though the cost of the milling supplies is a little-bit high, still you can save some of your money, as you can eliminate the bill if you have dental lab milling supplies. Also, along with this, you can save the impression materials and even you can save the patient’s time and money involved in their second visit.

So, it will be worth investing in these dental lab milling supplies, as you can save money which is spent on the other items, and also the impression and restoration process can be done in a reasonable time. So, it would be a better idea if you are planning to invest in the latest technology and dental laboratory equipment.

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