cobalt chrome dental disc


CAD CAM cobalt chrome dental disc;

Open dental lab cad cam milling system;

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CAD CAM Cobalt Chrome dental disc

High purity dental cobalt chrome porcelain alloy discs for dental lab cad cam use,the dental cobalt chrome CAD CAM disk is free of nickel and beryllium.

dental cobalt chrome milling cad cam disc

Biocompatibility feature

1.  Biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance thanks to firmly adhering passive layer.

2.  Biocompatibility certified by neutral institutes

3.  Hemolysis Ratio : 0.66%

4.  No acute systemic toxicity

5. Cytotoxicity shall not exceed Class I

6. No oral mucous membrane irritation

7. No delayed dermal contact sensitization

8. No chronic systemic toxicity

9. No genetic toxicity

10. The alloy has high corrosion resistance:

a)  Test medium and conditions: Volume fraction of 1% HCI solution, the temperature is constant at 37 ℃, 72 hours total immersion corrosion test

b)  Test results: in the solution after corrosion, residual solution of 1% HCL solution has no discoloration, alloy quality unchanged before and after corrosion test

11. Alloy PFM products have good thermal shock resistance.

dental cobalt chrome alloy application


Material Composition
Cobalt    – Co61%±2%
Chrome   -Cr26%±2%
Molybdenum – Mo5%±1%
Wolframium -Wu6.50%±1%
Silicon    -Si1%±1%
Aluminum -Al≤0.1 %
Carbon   – C≤0.1 %
Nickel -Ni≤0.1 %
Beryllium – Be≤0.02 %
Cadmium – Cd≤ 0.02 %

Dental cobalt chrome disc size

Specification for metal co-cr discs with edge groove 
Dia 98mm *10mm Th
Dia 98mm *12mm Th
Dia 98mm *14mm Th
Dia 98mm *16mm Th
Dia 98mm *18mm Th
Dia 98mm *20mm Th
Dia 98mm *22mm Th

Dia 98mm *25mm Th

Additional information

Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions10 × 4 × 10 cm

10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25


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