4 Different Types Of Crowns Made In Dental Laboratory

type of crown made in dental lab

Dental crowns are used to hide any kind of irregularities on the teeth surface. These are permanently stuck to original teeth or an implant. Cementing process is used for permanent settling of the crown on to the base. It can be used to fill up gaps in between teeth like a bridge. Dental crowns have various uses and hence there are different kinds of them as well. Similarly, there are advantages of individuals as well. One can get a fair idea about them all by visiting a dental clinic and going through the crowns available in laboratory made by list of dental laboratory material and equipment according to dentist request..

Different types of dental crowns available and their advantages

  • Ceramic

These are widely used to take the place of front teeth. It is possible to achieve as the ceramic or porcelain has a similar feature as that of natural teeth which results in smooth blending. The texture and colour are similar to the natural teeth and this is one of the advantages of using ceramic to replace front teeth. If required the colour can also be enhanced by mixing with appropriate tint. It is mostly used in incisors as these have a brittle nature and not recommended for molars and premolars where the pressure created is high.

The 3D multilayer dental zirconia is a very idear dental restoration material that aesthetic and nature as original teeth,especially for the anterior teeth cosmetic.

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  • A mixture of metal and porcelain

This is the epitome of dental crowning process. The porcelain looks like natural teeth whereas the metal makes the element strong and durable. However, the process includes removing tooth structure generously from the base as the metal needs to be fixed at the root. This is ideal for molar and premolars where biting pressure is high.

  • Golden teeth

If you are a bling person, opt for golden teeth. The golden bling has been spotted from a very early age but became common with commoners recently. Golden crowns are formed with the combination of gold, copper and other metal alloys. If you say about the advantages, then you must note the malleability of the metal. Its flexible nature never gives rise to fracture even under high pressure. Adding to it, it never hampers the underlying teeth as well making it suitable for all kinds of teeth. There is also no report of damaging fragile gum making it one of the safest dental crowns.

These are immune from all kinds of corrosion and its unmatched durable is to be noted as well. The base metals are biocompatiable and harmless to the neighbouring teeth as well. While undertaking the procedure only a petite amount of tooth structure needs to be extracted for crowning. Opt for these dental crowns from a local dentist when you want a durable element.It will be completed in dental laboratory with the cobalt chrome dental alloy material according to dentist guidline.

There are various reasons for inserting dental crowns. Some of the factors include protecting the underlying teeth for any further abrasion, filling gaps in between teeth, enhance the functionality of weak teeth and beautifying the smile. Have a detailed discussion with your dentist to know various functionalities of dental crowns before selection. The selected option should be addressing your issue without any further damage to your oral health.

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