Self-Ligating Orthodontic Braces advantages

All you want to know about Self-Ligating Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic treatment is one of the aesthetic dental treatments. It is used to align the crooked and misaligned teeth into the best possible dentition. Misaligned teeth or dental crowding are the most common presenting problem of the population. It not only affects the aesthetic but also the function and speech. The growth of your face is also connected with your teeth alignment. The best possible solution to all these problems is orthodontic braces.

Dental braces used to align the teeth are available in different types and materials. The choice of dental braces type depends upon the severity of mal-alignment. The most common dental braces type used in orthodontic treatment is conventional and self-ligating braces. These are the most common types of dental braces. The other types of braces include clear aligners or ceramic braces. The conventional and self-ligating braces are very similar in shape and function. Both are metal braces, but in some aspects, self-ligating braces coincided superior to conventional braces. Now we will explain why self-ligating braces are the best choice for orthodontic treatment.

self-ligating orthodontic braces

How self-ligating braces work?

A self-ligating brace is a special type of orthodontic braces in which orthodontic brackets have a self-lock system. Brackets have a slot for orthodontic wire and act as a latch. Orthodontists pass the braces wire from the slot, and then the self-locking system closes the opening. It is quite an easier procedure than conventional wires that have elastic to hold the wire in the brackets. Orthodontic dental supplies facilitate the optimizing of sliding mechanics with color-coding for your ease.

Traditional VS self-ligating braces and benefit

Self-ligating braces benefit

1,Less discomfort.

Most patients complain that orthodontic treatment causes pain and discomfort. The main reason for discomfort is the abrupt movement of teeth due to pressure-induced by the wire on the tooth surface. Conventional braces induce more pressure and have high friction with the tooth surface as a result more pain and discomfort are felt. In the case of self-ligating braces, there is less friction, and constant pressure on the tooth causes less discomfort to the patients.

2,Less dental visits.

Orthodontic treatment required regular dental visits for braces maintenance. Conventional braces required more dental visits due to loss of elasticity of elastic use to hold the wire. In self-ligating braces, no elastic is used, so fewer dental visits are reported by the patients only, having to visit once or less in a month for tightening braces.

3,No yellowing of braces

Staining and color changing of braces are very common in conventional braces. The reason for the yellowing of braces is the color-changing, and staining of dental elastics used to hold the wire in conventional braces. In self-ligating braces, no elastic is used. So, there is no chance of any type of color-changing in metal helps to maintain the aesthetic with orthodontic braces and can prevent you from social embarrassment

4,Low Chairside time.

Self-ligating braces lower your chairside time at dental clinics. It’s easy to tighten the wire in brackets due to the self-locking mechanism. In conventional braces, long chair side time is required for elastic change. So, self-ligating braces can save you precious time. You can easily give your dental visits from a hectic daily routine.

5,Good aesthetic.

The self-ligating braces with the small brackets give the best aesthetic. You can easily continue your social life along with orthodontic treatment. While conventional braces change its color and give less aesthetic. Self-ligating braces are made of lightweight metal wire. Orthodontic dental supplies use the best biocompatible material in braces manufacturing that gives a comfortable orthodontic treatment.

Good aesthetic self-ligating braces before and after

6,Oral hygiene-Easy to maintain.

Oral hygiene and dental health play a key role in dental treatment outcomes. Likewise, a successful orthodontic treatment required good oral hygiene. But it’s really difficult to maintain oral health with braces. One of the reasons for orthodontic treatment failure is poor dental conditions. Bad oral health can lead to unwanted bone and tooth loss. Self-ligating braces are more hygienic than conventional braces. It’s easy for patients to keep oral health optimized by self-ligating braces. You only have to brush your teeth regularly according to your dentist’s instructions. Fewer chances of food accumulation also provide a low bacterial count on the tooth surface. The best designs by orthodontic dental supplies provide fewer spaces for plaque accumulation and food adherence.

7,No latex allergy.

Some people are allergic to rubber and latex used in dental materials. Conventional braces also have elastic that can cause an allergic reaction in some patients. In that condition, the best alternative for that patient is the self-ligating braces. Its optimizing sliding mechanics and minimizes arch wire binding and crimping offer no allergic reaction. Orthodontic dental supplies user-friendly and biocompatible material in its manufacturing. It’s the best dental braces type that you can use in your orthodontic treatment.

All these advantages of self-ligating braces over the conventional braces will prove it the best type of dental braces for you. You can get the best treatment result according to your requirements. It helps you to achieve your dream dentition with comfortable orthodontic treatment.

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