Dental PMMA Adds Esthetics To Your Personality

Vita 16 colors multilayer dental pmma blocks for dentistry

Gone are the days when people felt ashamed of going out after dental implants. With improved technology dentists have found a new way to comfort their patients maintaining esthetics. Dental PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) is one such advanced technology in the field of dentistry that takes complete care of your personality. They are much in demand for giving the best possible results.

Multi Layer Dental PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate )

multilayer dental pmma material feature

Multi layer dental pmma, as the name implies, is a multi-layered acrylic polymer used for provisional crowns & bridges. The multilayered PMMA discs consist of different shades blended well to give it more of a natural appearance. So you don’t feel irritated while wearing them on parties, casual or official meets, and other occasions.

They are milled in CAD/CAM machines to produce gingiva formers right away post-implantation, temporary restorations, check occlusal contacts, and study try-ins before manufacturing final restoration.

This is to ensure multilayered PMMA gets the best look and sits nicely on your mouth. Although made up of strong material they are lightweight for you to wear them for longer without irritation.

With beautiful dentin changeover and anterior provisional multi layer dental pmma is a much-desired product for those who experience dental implants.

Acetal Dental PMMA

In the year 1971 Acetal dental pmma had been proposed as the indestructible thermoplastic resin material. This was the period when tooth-colored clasps were also developed for the first time using a thermoplastic fluoropolymer.

And in the year 1986 tooth-colored clasps were reintroduced with Acetal resin material. The clasps seemed to be more flexible and needed NO periodical adjustments to hold them in one place.

Moreover, patients loved such tooth-colored esthetics. Since then Acetal dental pmma clasps have been applied for partial or full denture along with other appliances.  

acetal dental pmma application


With the demands of people to attain maximum esthetics thereby maintaining healthy structure, retention, and stability of tooth Multi Layer and Acetal dental PMMA have gained much popularity. Both the materials are perfect for manufacturing dental prostheses, especially clasps.

The best part is they are free of allergens including Monomer and offer a protective and creative alternative for those who suffer from allergic reactions to traditional resins. Good for patients who don’t want to wear metal on their mouth and also for those who have to wear for longer.

I am sure you will never say NO to dental implants with these advanced technologies in dentistry.

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