Anatomically Accurate Edentulous Maxillary Sinus Model: Enhance Your Dental Procedure Skills

Elevate your dental training with the AXIOM-designed Edentulous Maxillary Sinus Model, offering unparalleled realism for edentulous procedures.

Experience lifelike bone hardness and anatomically accurate details to perfect your sinus lift techniques and implant placements.

Ideal for dental professionals seeking a comprehensive and versatile training tool.

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Realistic Maxillary Sinus Model with Edentulous Design: Perfect for Sinus Lift and Implant Placement Training

The AXIOM-designed Edentulous Maxillary Sinus Model, a meticulously crafted replica of the human maxillary sinus designed specifically for edentulous procedures. This model offers an unparalleled, lifelike surgical experience, making it an essential training tool for dental professionals.


Feature Description
Edentulous Design The model is designed to simulate edentulous procedures, providing a realistic and challenging environment for practice.
Realistic Bone Hardness Made of resin with type II hardness, the model accurately replicates the feel of real bone for a lifelike tactile experience.
Anatomically Accurate Details Intricate alveolar ridges, and structures mirror the human maxillary sinus, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy.
Pre-drilled Sinus Cavity This feature allows for the simulation of various sinus lift procedures, enabling clinicians to practice and perfect their skills.
Implant Placement  It allows to facilitate accurate drilling and placement, enhancing the user’s ability to perform implant procedures with precision.
Versatile Training Tool The model supports impression taking and gypsum extraction skill training, making it a comprehensive resource for dental professionals.


Versatile Dental Training AXIOM's Edentulous Maxillary Sinus Model with Precision Implant Guides
Anatomically Accurate Edentulous Maxillary Sinus Model: Enhance Your Dental Procedure Skills