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Dental lab tools

Dental lab work with the dental clinic for the fabrication of prosthesis and restorations. The dental lab tools offer the convenient manipulation and construction of dental products. In addition, the long-lasting and excellent quality of dental lab tools save operator time, and they are more affordable.

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laboratory dental casting ring cup kit
dental lab polishing sandpaper
Grinding Wheel Products Polishing Silicon Resin Discs
dental Carving Wax Block

The dental lab storage devices like dental lab case storage offer easy and safe dental lab tools. They are fabricated by outstanding colored plastic that is fracture and breakage resistant. In addition, the dental mold base former helps to form the impression molds and denture fabrication with precision.

The dentures processing needs refined quality dental carving waxes, lab teeth, dental lab tools kits, and other dental lab instruments. Also, All these instruments are economical and safe for the patients. Fortunately, the dental waxes are no allergic and biocompatible. 

Similarly, The dental lab kit has a wide range of corrosion-resistant dental finishing burs. They are compatible with the high-speed power motor for finishing and polishing dentures or restoration. Besides, dental surgical blades are effective for pre-prosthetic surgery. Moreover, they can disposable and used for a single dental procedure.

Choose the good and excellent quality dental lab tools for optimal and effective dental laboratory procedures. In addition, they are reliable and comfortable for the dental lab working environment.