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quality Dental Dial Caliper
Dental Dial Caliper



Dental Dial Caliper

The Dial caliper measures the range of 0–10mm accurately for all-dental procedures and endodontic surgeries.
The Dial is easy and simple for processing and perfectly measures the size in dental procedures.
The caliper has a dial with the numbering and two working pins for the correct calibration in dental procedures.


The Dial Caliper is fabricated of stainless-steel metal that has a long shelf life.


The dial caliper is used to measure the model sizes, crown sizes for the implant and prosthetic surgeries.


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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm
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7 reviews for Dental Dial Caliper

  1. Blaguna (verified owner)

    Just ok👍

  2. Jakob Müller (verified owner)

    I was tested this website first time, but it is worth of money products, I bought more than 10 products then and all products are very handy and worth of penny.

  3. Айдън Колев (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a dental lab for a long time

  4. Ferne (verified owner)

    Good item at this price range

  5. Angel (verified owner)

    Best quality and best service tnx it was such a good experience in using the Dental Laboratorio app …the inference is smooth and easy to use the order was delivered faster than the expected date thanks Dental Laboratorio…

  6. Luke van der Velden (verified owner)

    Dental Laboratorio giving awesome experience…low cost high effective material…I bought endomotor one week before…it’s really working good…very helpful online purchasing website

  7. Margaret Rogers (verified owner)

    The finishing is good and the packaging looks very appealing.

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