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What is Dental Wax?

Different type of dental wax has its application in dentistry. Besides, waxes are thermoplastic that is solid at room temperature and flow at high temperature. However, the melting range of each type of waxes varies. Equally, the waxes can be synthetic and natural. The artificial waxes have workable qualities and molding ability.

The waxes used in the new CAD-CAM technology are the cad cam dental wax block. As well, they are fines wax block, solid at room temperatures with practical fabrication qualities. They are operating at room temperature without degradation. Additionally, The cad cam dental wax block is biocompatible and non-allergic for the patient and operator. The dental waxes have a good flow at the melting point.

Application cad cam dental wax block

Cad cam dental wax block is effectively used in the removable partial and complete denture fabrication. It also helps in the fixed dentures, dental crown, bridge construction through the CAD-CAM milling process. Dental waxes can also use for the wax pattern and bite registration.

CAD-CAM operating

The computer-aided design and manufacturing eliminate the potential errors and problems associated with conventional casting. There is no need for the traditional impression the scanner takes the intraoral images, and the soft wear process the data. 

In the final processing, milling devices build the object. The cad cam dental wax block utilizes in the milling process for denture construction. Cad cam dental wax block can cut into desirable forms and shapes. The cad cam dental wax block is available in a color variation with similar properties.

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