Peek Dental Sisc-Wieland

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Wieland open cad cam peek dental disc for sale online,

Nature,pink,yellow,white color,

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Peek dental disc

Peek dental disc is for the open dental lab cad cam such as the wieland,imes icoreVhf,roland.

The peek dental disc is a high-performance polymer for the digital fabrication of removable and fixed restorations such as crowns,bridges,secondary and telescope restorations,attachment restorations or screw-retained,implant-supported superstructures.

Four shade:Pink,White,Yellow,Nature.

four color peek dental disc for sale


1,Light weight;

2,The modulus of elasticity is not much different from that of the teeth, and does not damage the surrounding teeth when chewing;

3,The patient is convenient for future nuclear magnetic or X-ray examination;

4,Better protection of human tissue in the implant area.


Density (g/cm³):1.32;

Flexure Strength (Mpa):163;

Flexural Modulus (Gpa):4;

Impact Strength (KJ/m2):199


Diameter 98mm round with step.

Height :


98x18mm,98x20mm,98x22mm,98x25mm, 98x30mm.

Additional information
Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions6 × 4 × 10 cm

12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 30


Nature, pink, white, yellow

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13 reviews for Peek Dental Sisc-Wieland

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wieland peek dental disc for sale
Peek Dental Sisc-Wieland
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