Occlusal Registration Wax

Specially formulated registration wax provides precise impressions for crowns, bridges, and dental restorations.

Smooth texture enables easy manipulation and shaping.

Packing: 60g/box.

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Capture Precision Impressions with Occlusal Registration Wax

Specially formulated for accuracy in dental procedures, our occlusal registration wax provides excellent dimensional stability during imprinting. The smooth, pliable texture enables easy manipulation for detailing crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and other restorations.

This multi-purpose wax features optimized contrast to clearly capture fine anatomical traits and occlusion specs. The wax maintains its shape while providing a crisp impression of margins, contours, and bite alignment. Its firmness allows clean imprints and minimizes distortion.

Each box contains 60g of dense, grey registration wax sticks with an ideal consistency that doesn’t adhere to instruments. Our wax won’t crumble, tear, or flake apart. Dentists trust our premium Occlusal Registration Wax for its reliability and precision during crown prep, dental wax-ups, bite records, and all oral imprinting procedures.


Parameter Details
Consistency Easy manipulation and shaping
Suitable For Crowns, bridges, dental restorations
Contrast Provides optimal contrast for detailing
Quantity 60g per box
Color Grey
Hardness Dense consistency, imprints fine details
Texture Smooth, pliable
Dimensional Stability Excellent stability during imprinting
Ease of Use Does not adhere to instruments
Performance Maintains shape, minimizes distortion
Impressions Captures margins, contours, bite alignment
Reliability Trusted by dentists for precision imprints
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Occlusal Registration Wax