Mandible Denture Positioning Instrument For Edentulous

Articulator compatible denture positioning instrument tool for edentulous.

For edentulous/complete denture occlusal alignment relashionship.

Compatible with Artex-mounting system.

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Complete denture positioning instrument, Artex articulator compatible.

The tool sets the mandible’s position and occlusion in relation to Artex articulators. It uses elastic bands to hold the maxilla edentulous jaw model in place, and the magnetic tool to secure it to the articulator on maxilla magnetic base.


  1. Securely attach the edentulous jaw model to the positioning tools with elastic bands.
  2. Magnetically attach the edentulous jaw model to the maxillary arch on articulator to ensure correct positioning.
  3. Adjust the occlusal relationship of the mandible to ensure proper alignment.
  4. Employ the magnetic tool to help in correctly placing the edentulous jaw model on Artex articulators.

Articulator options

At Dental Laboratorio, we provide a selection of articulator options that are compatible with the Artex mounting system. Choices include average value, semi-adjustable, and fully adjustable articulator models. This allows the flexibility to purchase the magnetic denture positioning instrument alongside any of our articulators.

Dental labs can also buy the denture positioning tool individually as needed. Having the right articulator and positioning instrument improves denture fabrication and optimizes the occlusion. Our products give dental technicians the high-quality equipment required for excellent denture outcomes.

1. Average value articulator

dental articulator artex bn system model

Sagittal Condylar InclinationFixed at +35°
Curvature Radius19 mm
Bennett AngleFixed at +15°
Incisal GuidanceAdjustable from -5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table

2. Semi-adjustable articulator

Magnetic Articulator With Artex mounting system

features of magentic artex mounting articulator semi-adjustable

Condylar Guidance Inclination-15° to +60°
Curvature Radius19 mm
Bennett Movement0° to +30°
Retrusive Movement0 to 2 mm
Incisal Guidance Pin-5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table
Mounting BaseLadder-shaped design
CompatibilityArtex Amann Girrbach System

3. Fully adjustable articulator

ParameterAdjustment Range
Sagittal Condylar Inclination-20° to +60°
Curvature Radius of Condylar Inclination19 mm
Bennett Angle-5° to +30°
Protrusion0 to 6 mm
Retrusion0 to 2 mm
Distraction0 to 3 mm
Immediate Sideshift (ISS)0 to 1.5 mm
Incisal Guidance-5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table
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Positioning tools, average articulator, semi-adjustable articulator, fully adjustable articulator

denture positioning instrument for edentulous patients
Mandible Denture Positioning Instrument For Edentulous
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