Dual Flame Dental Micro Torches

Portable dental micro torches for precision soldering and heating.

Adjustable flame for crowns, implants, bridges.

Compact and lightweight butane lab torch for delicate dental lab work.

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Lightweigh handheld dual flame dental lab micro torch

Dental micro torches are small, lightweight, handheld butane torches used for precise heating and soldering in dental labs.

They produce an adjustable, focused flame from tip to allow for localized heat control when working on crowns, bridges, implants and other delicate restorations.

Key features include dual fire modes for soft or intense direct flames, automatic flame adjustment, compact size, light weight, and portable convenience for dental technicians.

The fine heat control prevents distortion and overheating when soldering metal frameworks, melting wax, heating porcelain, and other intricate dental fabrication tasks.


Parameter Description
Flame Type Adjustable direct and soft flame
Tip Styles Round, pointed, blade, hooked tips
Fuel Type Butane
Ignition Piezo push button
Fuel Tank Capacity 25ml
Burn Time Approximately 60 min on full tank
Temperature Range Up to 1300°C
Flame Adjustment Manual operation
Dimensions 58.2 x 155.2 x 62mm
Weight 160g
Housing Material Aluminum alloy
Safety Features Flame lock button, auto fuel cut-off


dual flame dental lab torch for frameworks and bridges
Dual Flame Dental Micro Torches