Dental Lab Palatal and Lingual Bars – Stainless Steel Support Bars for Dentures

Shop our selection of stainless steel palatal and lingual bars for added denture support and retention.

Custom bent bars available in multiple sizes for upper and lower dentures.

20 bars per bag.

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Stainless steel palatal and lingual bars for denture support and retention

Palatal bars are designed to fit upper denture bases for enhanced retention and stability. Available in 3 sizes – large, medium, and small.

Lingual bars provide additional support for lower dentures. Offered in large and small sizes to fit lower denture bases.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction with silver finish
  • Holes at ends for positive retention in acrylic base
  • 3 sizes for upper palatal bars
  • 2 sizes for lower lingual bars
  • 20 bars per pack

Palatal bars reinforce upper dentures by distributing force along the palate. Lingual bars prevent lateral movement of lower dentures.

The custom fit and ideal placement of these support bars by dental techs provides added retention, stability and comfort for complete denture patients.


Parameter Description
Material Stainless Steel
Finish Silver Colored
Palatal Bar Sizes Large, Medium, Small
Lingual Bar Sizes Large, Small
Quantity 20 bars per pack
Ends Pre-bent with retention holes
Compatibility Fits standard denture acrylic bases
Purpose Reinforcement, stability, retention
Customization Can be further adjusted by tech
Biocompatibility Metal free of nickel and cadmium
Sterilization Autoclavable
Brand Dental Laboratorio
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Palatal Bar Big, Palatal Bar Middle, Palatal Bar Small, Lingual Bar Large, Lingual Bar Small

pre-made palatal bar options for dental laboratories
Dental Lab Palatal and Lingual Bars – Stainless Steel Support Bars for Dentures
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