GEO Classic Modeling Waxes – The Precision Choice for Crown and Bridge Fabrication

GEO Classic modeling waxes offer a wide selection of dental waxes for all your crown and bridge fabrication needs.

With soft to hard waxes in opaque and transparent colors, these residues-free modeling and milling waxes provide high precision and flexibility for conventional or digital dental techniques.

Net weight: 75g per piece.

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Versatile application dental modeling waxes

GEO Classic modeling waxes are the perfect choice for the production of crown and bridge restorations. Offering a selection of soft, medium, and hard waxes, this line of modeling waxes provides dental technicians with the precision and flexibility they need for their work.

The waxes have excellent carving, modeling, and milling properties and can be used with an electrical wax knife or Bunsen flame. GEO Classic waxes also provide processing safety in full and press ceramic techniques due to their organic, transparent nature which burns out residue-free.

The range of waxes available allows technicians to select the perfect wax for their needs, from soft to hard waxes, and opaque to transparent colors. This ensures the highest levels of precision and accuracy for each application.

For those seeking a reliable, high-quality modeling wax for crown and bridge production, GEO Classic waxes are the ideal choice. With the range of customized waxes available, technicians can easily find the best wax for their projects.

Product net weight: 75g per piece.

Product options:

ColorApplication in Dentistry
white-opaqueMedium-hard, inorganic modeling wax for creating functional wax-ups.
white-transparentMedium-hard organic modeling wax for creating functional wax-ups. Burns-out residue-free.
grey-opaqueHard, inorganic wax with very good modeling and carving properties and very low shrinkage. Suitable for conventional casting techniques.
blue-opaqueHard, opaque, milling wax, designed for machining using milling techniques. Low chip formation due to ideal wax hardness.
beige-opaqueMedium hard, inorganic modeling wax for conventional crown and bridge techniques. Optimized for modeling with the electric wax knife.
dentin-transparentHard, organic modeling wax for creating tooth colored diagnostic and esthetic wax-ups. Very good flow and modeling properties Burns-out residue-free.


  • The variety of wax types and options
  • Main benefit of high precision modeling
  • Residue-free burnout for broad compatibility
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white-opaque, white-transparent, grey-opaque, blue-opaque, beige-opaque, dentin-transparent

Hard transparent modeling wax for ceramic press techniques
GEO Classic Modeling Waxes – The Precision Choice for Crown and Bridge Fabrication
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