multi layer dental zirconia product

6 layer multi layer dental zirconia effect

How many layers do you dental lab supplies store offer the dental zirconia product

5 layer dental zirconia product

The above muli layer dental zirconia specification is 5 layers.

What we offer is 6 layers.The zirconia strengh,translucency and shade layers are transit naturally,it fits the human body perfectly.

The main feature of multilayer dental zirconia transition:

1,shade transtion in 6 layer;

2,aesthetic level of 49% at incisal transit to 40% in cervial,it is great for posterior restoration;

3,lexural Strength: 600MPa-1200MPa,the force transit from 600Mpa in incisal to 1200Mpa in the cervix.

flexural strength 3D multilayer dental zirconia specification
3D high strength zirkonzahn dental multi layer zirconia block

It comes Vita 16 colors and bleach shade.zirkonzahn,amann girrbach,Open cad cam wieland dental system of blocks are available.

dental zirconia veneers VITA Bleach shade guide

Conclusion: What we offer is shade in 6 layers multi layer,translucency and strength in nature proportion.

Also check our 3D multilayer dental zirconia special for anterior cosmetic.

3D dental zirconia cad cam material feature

What is more,the multi layer dental zirconia veneers product is also available for the anterior aesthetic restoration.It features of 6 layers of shade transit in nature from incisal to cervial,the mulilayer zirconia veneer product is 700Mpa,and 49% translucency,presenting a shining impressive effect.

multilayer veneer zirconia six layer
anterior dental zirconia veneer feature

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