It hurts when I put on my braces, what’s going on?

pain in bracket wearing

Does everyone want to be beautiful or handsome? Yes! When there are irregular dentition, anti-jaw and other conditions that affect the shape and appearance, all want to be corrected. But not long after putting on the braces, my teeth started to sore, what’s going on?

bracket wearing in teeth

First of all, it is a normal reaction to feel tooth pain while correcting the teeth. When the tooth is subjected to this slight and continuous external force of orthodontic treatment, the tooth itself will not hurt, but this force will occupy the periodontal membrane between the tooth and the alveolar bone and be crowded and pulled.

When the tissue is deformed by force, the blood circulation is blocked and a hypoxic state is formed. At this time, the surrounding cells will release some neurotoxic substances to stimulate the nerve and notify the brain.

pain in orthodontic teeth

Most of the pain in orthodontic treatment occurs 5-6 hours after the orthosis is installed. Immediately after installation, the concentration of neurotoxic substances is still very low, and it is not yet able to send a pain signal to the brain. Five to six hours later, its concentration causes pain.

Pain is a reaction to protect the organs. Its purpose is to remind us to remove the external forces that cause pain, so as to avoid tissue damage. The appliance can not be removed. In order to allow blood to flow smoothly, the cells around the force point will actively activate the “osteophage cells”, engulfing part of the tooth bone, so that the blood circulation is smooth again, and the teeth will move and become Neat and beautiful.

pain of orthodontics

The duration of pain after the majority of orthodontics is generally no more than ten days, and most people relieve immediately in three seconds, so you don’t have to worry too much. Most of the pain in the process of correcting the teeth is within the tolerable range. If the pain is too long or the pain is too strong, you can take pain relief measures under the guidance of a doctor.

How to reduce tooth pain

During the correction process, the teeth have slight pain, soreness, and dare not bite hard objects. This is normal and needs to be replaced to adapt. When your teeth are uncomfortable, do not chew too hard food, so as not to increase the pain, but chewing soft food properly can ease the pain and shorten the period of unfit.

In addition, during orthodontics, due to the interference of the orthodontic device, it causes a lot of inconvenience to brushing teeth. This process is also a source of pain, but it is particularly important to maintain good oral hygiene during the orthodontic process. Occurrence, but also help to correct the corrective effect.

If oral hygiene is not maintained properly, it can easily cause gingivitis, dental caries, or even periodontitis, or even lead to failure of corrective treatment. Therefore, correct brushing during correction is also an important way to relieve pain.

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